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Microsoft Word

  • Introduction - Basic overview of Microsoft Word.
  • Begining - The early history of Microsoft Word.
  • 1990-1995 - The history of Microsoft Word from 1990 to 1995.
  • Format - The various formats are discussed concerning Microsoft Word.
  • Virus - A short discussion of viruses and flaws that occur with Microsoft Word.
  • MS-DOS - Versions available for MS-DOS.
  • Apple Macintosh - Versions available for Apple Macintosh.
  • Microsoft Windows - Versions available for Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction - Overview of Microsoft Excel and a historical account of Microsoft Excel's progression and evolution.
  • User Interface - User Interface information.
  • Versions - Learn how Microsoft Excel has evolved. Its various versions can be found here.
  • Competators - For those interested in the current list of competators to Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Introduction - Overview of Microsoft Powerpoint
  • History - Historical Account of Microsoft Powerpoint's Progression and Evolution
  • Operation - General Operational Overview.
  • Culture - Learn how Microsoft Powerpoint has influenced the culture we live in today. Writer

  • Screenshots - Three screenshots depicting the various functions of Writer. This shows how similar and interchangable this application is with Microsoft Office. Calc

  • Screenshots - Three screenshots depicting the varous functions of Calc. It demonstrates a sample session similar to Microsoft Excel usage. Impress

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