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Before you purchase Microsoft® Office, please consider this office suite.

Notice: We are liquidating inventory and having a FIRE SALE!! To make up for sins in the past, we are giving away our ENTIRE INVENTORY to the NEXT PERSON to contact us!!! That's over 100 CDs, we only ask $35. Bascially the next person to email us can have all our inventory and sell them at whatever price they desire, we have sold them for over $20 before. Reason: we suck at running a business:(

Only $4.95
Reg. $40

30-day Money Back Guarantee is the new award-winning home and office solution which contains a word processor and spreadsheet application. It can read, edit, and save:
  • Microsoft® Word files (.doc)
  • Microsoft® Excel files (.xls)
  • Microsoft® Powerpoint files (.ppt)

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Why So Cheap?

We produce this software in large quantity, and then distribute the CD with minimal packaging. This means you get the same great software, but without the box. Microsoft® Office
Price $4.95 $399.00
(Standard Edition)
Word files
Excel files
Powerpoint files
Access files
Create PDF files
Create Flash files

"the best all-round office suite" and "the king of the business tools"
-- PC Pro magazine

"provides an excellent (and in many ways, superior) replacement for Microsoft Office" and "Even a small company can save thousands of dollars."
-- Enterprise Linux News

"...thank you for such a great disc at a great price, I received it in record time and in great condition."
-- Customer

"Great! Love saving $$. Software is exactly what I wanted"
-- Customer

This software is great for:

Why pay for Microsoft Access if you don't use it? is a project sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

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